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Why use a bespoke frame on my indoor trainer?

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Well that’s simple its a complete faff taking your road bike on and off your trainer. You can jump on straight away with no excuses for not training. A made to measure frame will provide a more comfortable training experience. It only costs around £300, so why wouldn’t you? Your friends will be very jealous. Great! I’m sold, what’s the process? Firstly, you decide on the type of trainer bike… Read More »Why use a bespoke frame on my indoor trainer?

Stefano 003 Handover

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Congratulations to Mark on taking delivery of his new speed machine.  He has already smashed a number or Strava PB’s. A very nice bottle of Scotch as a thank you always welcome 🙂 Frame built with Columbus Spirit tubing and finished with Hunt Aero Wheels SRAM Force AXS HRD Electronic Groupset Zipp carbon aero bars Carbon forks Chris King Inset 8 headset Ultimate Evo new seatpost Total Weight 8.3kg Out… Read More »Stefano 003 Handover

What is the process and how long does it take?

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Well, the first thing is for you to decide what type of bike you want.  Sounds obvious but that can be quite difficult for some as generally this is a once in a lifetime purchase and you do not want to get it wrong :). Current bike trends like Gravel or low attached seat stays can play a bit part in the final design.  I generally tell people to follow… Read More »What is the process and how long does it take?

Should I go bespoke?

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We understand the benefits of splashing out on a bespoke suit. After all, you get an end product that will last a lifetime – and one that is made to measure. But a bike? While you’re unlikely to need one on your wedding day, a bicycle is also a high-value investment item that you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of. So why make do with what you can get on the Bike2Work… Read More »Should I go bespoke?

Do I need to be an expert or technical?

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GO FOR A FITTING Before building a bike, Steve strongly urges getting a professional fitter to take your measurements – he recommends “It’s quite involved,” he says. “Is like three hours. He will tell me where the customer’s hands, bum and legs need to be – he puts that in a drawing. “Anyone can benefit from a good fit,” says Steve.  You don’t need to be having a custom… Read More »Do I need to be an expert or technical?