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What products do you use?

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Reynolds sell their frame tubes direct.  Most of the commonly used tubes are in stock but they have many more that can be ordered. Reynolds 953 stainless tube is often in short supply despite being a stock item. Reynolds 531 is still available only as a main triangle for lugged frames. They do also supply a range of dropouts, bottom brackets, steerers and lugs etc.

Ceeway in Erith, Kent, run by Peter Evans, are the main stockist of Columbus tubing and also stock Columbus carbon forks and sometimes other carbon sections. These are available un-laquered at a saving over normal retail prices.
Ceeway supply a large range of dropouts, braze-ons, bridges and bosses as well as lugs fork crowns and bottom brackets. Some of the lug sets are from Long Shen as otherwise you would have to order them from Taiwan, though the lugs do not always have their origin specifically identified on the website. Additionally they stock brazing sundries and will sell brass and silver rods in small quantities as well as a large range of frame building tools. They are constantly adding new items whilst maintaining a range of classic frame parts.

Paragon is based in Richmond, California, and is worth a mention as it sells an extensive range of dropouts and other, often unique, frame building parts. Some of it’s products are now available from Ceeway.

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